About Us

evepodcasts.com and now evepodcasts.xyz came from the minds of two players/podcasters of the Eve Online universe, Placid09 and ChYph3r. With the drama of Arydanika leaving the EVE Online community, questions arose about what would be done with the pod pack that she was heading up. Well being the next largest updated site with ALL EVE Online related podcasts, naturally I told Placid we would be taking it over. Well he said he would do something with making a new feed. That night we had a website and hosting! The rest is what you all come here for and history.

Simply put Evepodcasts.xyz is where you can come to get all the latest posts from Podcasts/Video Casts all on one site. Its just that simple, If you think something should be added please mail chyph3r at gmail dot com