Hello again Eve Online Community!


We had a rough couple of years here at Evepodcasts, loss of jobs and such to pay for a website, family deaths and an assorted array of BS. But now the dark clouds have been lifted and it can only get better from here! Welcome to the new Evepodcasts site as I do not play much anymore, I still love listening to what’s going on in the EVE community and Podcasts are the best way to do it!

This new site is registered with ME and not hosted and owned by a company that gives out free websites with a website when you sign up. Then want to sell you back your domain for $1000+ US dollars like a bunch of dickwads. So I decided to get a new domain registering it where the host cant do anything with it and I own it until i forget to reup it lol!

Anyways thanks to all those who supported the previous site, and the guys and gals who still podcast for this amazingly crappy game we all love! If you need to add a new podcast to the list hit me up at chyph3r at gmail.com and I will ad it as soon as I can.

Thanks for stopping by!

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